Dance girls advance in their classes and we already have two scholarships for competitions in different institutions..

Once Caldas grants our athletes Betania promotes sports education of our children from San Sebastián
4 April, 2017

Karen Michael Cuartas, Daniela Nieto and Mariana Díaz, have been since it began the process makes 3 years, both from day they have proven to be very good dancers. During this time they have grown in their discipline, technical and behavior. They teach their peers and are leaders in the group.

In Vertigo you will find Karen and Mariana have scholarships, , with a free year of classes. . The director of the academy , saw them dancing in one of their usual classes and wanted to give them this privilege..

The process has had a good run, Dance school educates children in the San Sebastian area, has as a sports teacher Johnny Berrio, who gives training 3 times a week for the period of one year. "Work must be consecutive, disciplined and value-laden for girls to succeed in the future ", says Professor Johnny.

Thanks to the help of the Social Works Betania Foundation and a sponsor sponsor, It is possible that the project as the dance school, now has a story to tell.

At first classes began to occur in the temple district of San Sebastián, under a tent, Johnny and his students were training. Gradually the project went forward and thanks to an agreement with the Municipality of Manizales, both boys and girls soccer dance, They may have their classes at the sports center, which was installed in the area for the exclusive use of activities how are you. Now, train in a safe space, comfortable and indoor. So far the girls have learned Latin rhythms, hip hop, pop and folk.

The girls at the Dance School prepare for a contest in late June at the Dare School of Dances; ; And for another in the school of dance Vertigo, , 29 29 of Julio..

"With Vertigo we have been connected and are promoting dance groups in schools, barrios, schools for these processes come true. Girls are prepared choreography, We are now perfecting the art. We are trying to raise more tests to make progress with everything related to the dance ". Explained the coach. .

The idea with projects that advance the Foundation is that girls can leave their comfort zone and show their talents in areas other than those of their daily lives. We want to give good use of their free time, so the idea of ​​expanding our training and program different presentations per month.

We want this project to be replicated in several vulnerable points of the city, to put our girls as an example, for others, in his free time, they can do the same or devote their attention on activities that will improve their human quality.

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