Once Caldas grants our athletes Betania promotes sports education of our children from San Sebastián

Dance girls advance in their classes and we already have two scholarships for competitions in different institutions..
4 April, 2017
Fifth Meeting of Older Caregivers Reapplying Skills
4 April, 2017

The Social Works Foundation Betania ago 3 years covenanted with the Once Caldas for teachers of sports institution could educate our children around the football theme. During training, which they are held three times a week, in categories of young and old, teachers identify players who are good on the sports side, securities and do well in school, to postulate them scholarships awarded by the Once Caldas.

The scholarship will cost 900 thousand pesos a year, training of children perform at the popular forest 2 times a week; and according to performance in these spaces put children at weekends compete in tournaments organized by the Football League caldense.

An example is Santiago Rincón, who, for their excellent performance, good performance in school and practice the values ​​that are taught, they called for a national tournament, In the city of medellin. to Santiago, It is his second scholarship year and is playing the tournament league right now.

Brandon López has a scholarship for good behavior and talent

Brandon López has a scholarship by the Once Caldas, thanks to their good behavior and talent.

All schools in the Once Caldas teach values ​​through football, technical labor, Basic movement pattern, coordinative part and technical part.

Much emphasis is placed on values, accustom to respect, love for the body, body hygiene, balanced diet. This month we are working fair play, try not to deceive the referee, not make mistakes, and when committed apologize, play fair, both at home and at play, He explains Professor.

In the El Bosque park, they train Saturdays 8 from 8 to 10 10 in the morning. . On weekdays, training takes place every afternoon 2 from 8 to 6 in the afternoon..

Yours, although very new at school, for his talent and behavior is the next candidate to enjoy the fellowship. "We are waiting to show us more on the part of the application behavior and values ​​to make this possible". Federico Angel explains..

What's rescue of these children is that to take such a short time, They have become more respectful, abide more orders, always greet who is next and have gained a lot in the value of compliance. Points out Professor.

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