Fifth Meeting of Older Caregivers Reapplying Skills

Once Caldas grants our athletes Betania promotes sports education of our children from San Sebastián
4 April, 2017
It contributes to build a home, a light
2 October, 2017

On 8 On April 8, 2017 2017, Foundation Obras Sociales Betania and the Catholic University of Manizales, , together with the Sena and the Food Bank, , joined forces to organize a day of health for all seniors in the San Sebastian sector. . Participated around 70 70 grandparents distributed in activities such as::

Nail grooming, stretching, home, karaoke, table games, fine motor exercises and haircut. All activities were led by the Catholic University students and volunteers who served in activity.

Next semester we will have the sixth meeting. We highlight the participation of all our seniors and look forward to your presence and cooperation in the following events.

Thanks to allied institutions and volunteers for being participants..

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