About us

We are a non-profit entity, , founded on 30 August 30th, 1.960 1960 by Sister Francisca of the Sacred Heart, a nun of the congregation Hermanas Dominicas de la Presentación.. Since then, , our central axis is the construction of decent housing,, accompanied by processes of nutrition,, health and social support.. In one word, we are forming Integral Communities that can coexist harmoniously


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We have a pharmacy and two volunteer medical Doctors with the right to consultation and medication. . Every day we receive the donation of all kinds of medicine,, which are evaluated by health professionals..

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For over 57 57 year we have fed children and seniors from the city of Manizales.. At present , we have a restaurant for seniors in the deprived neighbourhood of San Sebastián,, where we daily care about 90 90 ederly, disable, pregnant and street people..



We have been 57 constructing around 6 thousand housing solutions 6 for people with limited resources in the city for the past 57 years. . We work with the idea of ​​building and that all people: : children, , parents, , mothers, , grandparents, , siblings, , have the opportunity to grow in the warmth of a Home..

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We had built homes in different neighbourhoods of the city of Manizales , and we seek to have presence in many more, , and thus give the opportunity to complete families to have a Home, , a Light in our region. .



Testimonies and Evidences

“I thank OSB for helping us through the Godfather Plan. Thanks to this sponsor plan, , my family has had a better quality of life. . “

Yenny Tatiana Jaramillo

“We want to give thanks to the foundation and to all the sponsors for everything you have done for the grandparents. , Thanks to God, , the Virgin Mary and you, , we are better off. , All of us are thankful to Sister Maria Eugenia and the priest who also have helped us a lot.”

Verónica Rodriguez Sotelo

“Thanks god fathers and Betania for making us occupy our free time in the Dance and not in bad things of the streets. . For giving us the opportunity to dance,, enjoy and expend our free time in dancing.”

Michael Carvajal