What's new

What's new

16 August, 2018

UAM students use design as a pretext for social work, inspired by the work of Social Works Betania

Students from the Autonomous University of Manizales (HOW) They inspired by the work of Social Work Betania. Ellos participan en el denominado Rápido de […]
24 May, 2018

Social welfare works carried Betania, health and culture to San Sebastian

  Social welfare works carried Betania, health and culture San Sebastian was a Saturday family. The neighborhood Polideportivo San […]
17 May, 2018

#SomosBetania: Saturday Festifamilia 2018 It takes comprehensive support to community of San Sebastián

The Social Work Betania Foundation and the Catholic University of Manizales (UCM) will perform this Saturday 19 May 2018 a new version of Festifamilia, Working day […]
2 October, 2017

It contributes to build a home, a light

This year we will celebrate our traditional Banquet Theater States for Betania, with a delicious dinner enlivened by the presentation of Comedy Club Theater Group Manizales. […]
4 April, 2017

Fifth Meeting of Older Caregivers Reapplying Skills

On 8 On April 8, 2017 2017, Foundation Obras Sociales Betania and the Catholic University of Manizales, , along with the Seine and the Bank […]
4 April, 2017

Once Caldas grants our athletes Betania promotes sports education of our children from San Sebastián

The Social Works Foundation Betania ago 3 years covenanted with the Once Caldas for teachers of sports institution could educate our children […]
4 April, 2017

Dance girls advance in their classes and we already have two scholarships for competitions in different institutions..

Karen Michael Cuartas, Daniela Nieto and Mariana Díaz, have been since it began the process makes 3 years, both from day they have shown […]