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We will continue to build housing projects that will improve the quality of life for children, , elderly people,, mothers and fathers. . Since the year 1960 1960 to date, , we have managed to build about 6.000 homes distributed in::


Restaurant for Older Adults

Hand of the Sisters of Bethany Community Social Work, weekday lunches provide adults over San Sebastián, along with the pastoral neighborhood, Betania has a house in the area for the care of grandparents. Also during health campaigns and games they are made to support the elderly in their physical needs, mental, motor and recreation.


We currently have a pharmacy and two volunteer doctors who provide this service right to consultation and medicines. Every day we receive donations of all kinds of medicines, which they are evaluated by health professionals. With the funds donated and provided by the Foundation, completed higher output drugs to keep them at the pharmacy and generate greater fluidity in delivery and greater coverage for the needy in Manizales

Strengthening Social Programs


Currently dance classes are held at the sports center of San Sebastian, space that the Foundation managed with the Municipality of Manizales to the security and good performance of our children at the time of their classes, having coverage 70 girls.


In football classes children of different ages participate. Teachers of children (as) between 5 Y 12 years are coaches Once Caldas, who in partnership with our Foundation, will grant athletic scholarships to children (as) presenting better performance. we also have another teacher hired by Bethany to give coverage to 110 : children, (as) we have today.

Workshop on Values

In order to promote peace and all our children (as) project participants dance and soccer have a comprehensive training, before each class are given a reinforcement in values ​​for that discipline, ethics, commitment, respect and responsibility, They are a fundamental part of their training routines.

School Reinforcement/Tutoring

In order for children to use their free time in activities that will improve their quality of life and well-being, every Friday with volunteer teachers from the Catholic University of Manizales and Caldas University, computer classes are held, math and English with all the children involved in football and dance.

Income Generation Project

Clothing Unit.

With the participation of mothers heads of household in the neighborhood San Sebastián, It began the project for income generation in the area of ​​construction that gave rise to the Dreams Fabrics Association, an opportunity to grow, started operations in September 2016.