Godfathers Plan

The idea of ​​the Godfather of Bethany Plan was created with the purpose of helping poor families from San Sebastian area (Manizales), so they can pay their dues housing. While our work is to manage that generous people involved in the project, beneficiary families Plan Sponsor must undertake monthly to pay their share and be very specific. If for some reason the performance is unstable payments, It will be removed from the Godfather Plan. Thanks to the social work being done by our professionals in the social area, a study of the families of the sector is made and selected, according to your needs, who deserves extra help or not. It is essential for the godfather plan involving mothers and fathers heads home, : children, , displaced persons and especially older adults. Thanks to the help of generous people and the contributions received at banquets, we have managed to pay all debts of housing for many families, for now have their own home.

Testimonies and Evidences

  • "We are committed to the work of Bethany makes the Elderly in San Sebastian, We contribute to the development and maintenance grandparents Restaurant.Thanks to the transparency and consistency with the restaurant for seniors, every time we get more and better donations.”
  • "We are a company committed to sports education of our children, with our contribution to the Foundation we want children of San Sebastián sports venues are in integral development as individuals and a better quality of life. "
  • "As a business team, we all feel committed to the work does contribute Betania, without welfarism, to help people who need it most. Godfather share in the plan and we are very proud to collaborate children and seniors deserve extra help so they can have a home and a roof where shelter. Not only participate but also senior executives all administrative and operational plan of the company. "

How Donate?

You can choose the family who want to sponsor, contact us and we tell you that this is. comunicaciones@osbetania.org

Bancolombia accounts
Current: 07080097506
Savings: 0702108804

Davivienda accounts
Current: 086069998010

Automatic debit

If you want your monthly contribution is, We register your bank account to the system and such periodicity suggested the bank deducts the amount from your account, who will address the housing loan installments you sponsor family.

Donation on behalf of the family or person

You can make your donation on behalf of the family or person you assign through active accounts for such recruitment, directly in the bank.

Via the PSE button of our page

Located on the site of our website: www.osbetania.org is enabled for you to make your donation from the comfort of your home or office.

Another alternative

Donate directly at the headquarters of our Foundation Clothing, Medicines, Foods, materials, Working Time and Cash.

It is that you contact our office and make your donation personally. Remember that we are located in Cra 25 No 46-38.