About us

A Home, a Light

Obras Sociales was founded with a Housing program of for the families with limited resources. . At the beginning, people accessed housing through self-construction, but faced with the needs of families and well-being of households, , but to the needs of families and household welfare, the system changed, , working with external labor. . The example given by OSB is something that requires the permanent and determined support of all citizens. . It is a solidarity model in which beneficiaries must also contribute to their well-being. .

The foundation subsists thanks to the generosity of people and institutions that contribute us in money, , in kind or in time , to attend the different work fronts. .
The organization is currently headed by Sister Ana Maria Echeverri Jaramillo. .

We are a non-profit entity, , founded on 30 August 30th, 1.960 1960 by the initiative of Sister Francisca of the Sacred Heart of the sisters of the Dominican community of Presentation; together , with a group of people of good heart who united their efforts giving life to what it is today Obras Sociales Betania. ; Thus we have health care with two medical Doctors volunteers and a pharmacy where medicines are stored and given away to people with limited resources, , a restaurant for older adults located in the San Sebastián neighborhood and social strengthening programs such as : Dance, , Football, , School reinforcement and the English language with professors of the University of Caldas., improved living and leadership with the help of the Luker Foundation and the Catholic University of Manizales, parent school and income generation project in the clothing area. , Marketing of Used Clothing and Sale of Sewing and Knitted or crocheted garments and , Handmade Crafts made by several of our Volunteers..

Our mission

The OSB Foundation is a non-profit organization , aimed at developing strategies to provide decent housing to the poor in the city of Manizales, , accompanied with Nutrition and Health , processes structured by a group of people values Ethics that provide stability and leadership in the processes, , contributing to a future with hope and well-being of the neediest population of the capital of Caldas.

Our vision

Be a leader organization on Integral Projects of Housing that favour the development of the more vulnerable community, , increasing the number of beneficiaries in Decent Houses , with the purpose of improving the quality of life of the inhabitants of the region..


Sister of Sacred Hearth , and Mr. Jorge Echeverri Mejía began this arduous work, , sowing along the path with love and dedication what we reap today thanks to the good heart of all those people and entities that with their contribution have accompany OSB throughout history. . There is still a long way to go and you are in time to be part of the change in our society, , giving hundreds of Manizales families a better future..